SIETAR Europa Special Interest Group on Migration.

In Oude berichten by Friso

There are just a few items for your attention here and there will be more information soon.

1. We have established a small “Provisional Leadership Team” to help get things moving. This is a temporary measure until the SIG members agree a process for the creation of a more permanent structure for leading the group’s activities. The Provisional team is: Joe Kearns, Heike Stengel, Cynthia Tilden-Machleidt, Iris Barnert, Anna Zelno
2. We are planning to hold a face-to-face in Berlin the week-end of November 17th to 19th – details to be announced. Please pencil it into your calendar if you think you can be there
3. We will put in place a process to ask each of you to formally join the Special Interest Group. This is to ensure you know what the group is about before joining and that you are happy with the principles, processes and plans
4. We will put forward a document outlining a proposed structure for this SIG for comment. This will also be a “provisional” structure which the membership can change should that be needed

We look forward to this SIG being a very active group! It is hoped that all members will take initiatives to organise mini-events throughout the year. We also envision “sub-groups” of more specialised interest areas under the general topic of Migration.

We will also create mechanisms to allow the sharing of knowledge and to offer support to each other. It is important to note that we expect to share knowledge with the wider SIETAR membership as we don’t want to be seen as a “closed” group.