We are SIETAR Nederland

Intercultural Communication, Diversity and Inclusion

Sietar Nederland (Sietar NL) is an interdisciplinary association by and for professionals in the field of intercultural communication, diversity and inclusion. The association connects professionals in the field of research, education and training. Sietar Nederland is committed to the professionalisation of the intercultural field and brings professionals into contact with each other to learn from each other. Sietar NL's motto is: Inspiration, connection and growth.
SietarNL is part of the worldwide Sietar community and works closely with Sietar Europe. We work from the philosophy of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, in which the equality of all people is established and protected.
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Being a member of Sietar has given me immeasurable insight into the intercultural field! I would not hesitate to recommend becoming a member – access to great events and even greater people! 

Annelie Wambeek

“Sietar NL contributed greatly to my first steps as an intercultural professional. I believe it is fantastic to be able to easily connect with experienced and like-minded colleagues in the field. It has offered me the chance to keep on learning and developing myself.”

Stella Tersteeg

“Sietar offers me a platform where I can connect with professional peers in the intercultural field. The relevant content that is shared on slack by the members also contributes a lot for me.”

Maaike Jongepier

“Sietar offers inspiring webinars and discussions with colleagues from the intercultural field. My favorite – and reason to become a member – is the great meeting of minds every 2 years at the Sietar Europe conference. “

Ardi Bouwers

“Being a Sietar member gives me the opportunity to broaden my knowledge, develop intercultural skills and to learn from colleagues. I always leave a Sietar meeting feeling very inspired! “

Dana Hehalatu