Wat does Sietar do?

Sietar stands for the Society for Intercultural Education, Training and Research. Sietar members are actively involved in complex social issues as trainers, researchers or teachers, both in the Netherlands and abroad. This includes promoting diversity and inclusion and intercultural competence development in organisations, as well as preventing polarisation and combating racism, discrimination and exclusion in society.

Inspiration and connection with colleagues is crucial for us to be able to grow, both professionally and personally.

Hence our motto for 2020-2023: Inspiration, connection and growth, our strategy. The role of Sietar NL is to make this possible by promoting collaboration and linking activities with learning and development.

Sietar NL is closely connected to Sietar Europe. All Dutch members are automatically also members of Sietar Europe and thus get access to European webinars and the inspiring Sietar EU conference.

Sietar NL:

Contributes to more effective communication between people of different cultural backgrounds

Promotes cultural awareness in politics, business and education

Builds a network of intercultural specialists

Provides multidisciplinary professional expertise

Supports the development of professional standards

Encourages the writing of publications and research

Supports personal and professional development

Organises regional, national and international meetings and conferences

As a Sietar NL member you:

Gain access to more than 3000 colleagues worldwide, including 160 Dutch members and ten Dutch insitutional members

Participation in working groups or committees, with the best people from the professional field.

Get a worldwide discount on all Sietar activities (participation in the Sietar EU congress, for example, already compensates for the annual contribution)

Share experiences and insights with each other, not only at events, but also through our internal Slack channel

Be kept informed about countless conferences and webinars in our field

Participate in our webinars, workshops and (network) meetings

More information on joining and the costs of membershipThe first year is free for students