Negotiating across cultures

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17 maart 2021   18:00 - 19:00

Negotiating on behalf of your organization is a tough challenge. Working effectively with unfamiliar cultures is a tough challenge, though one we expect our audience to be familiar with. Doing both simultaneously requires a great deal of skill, flexibility, creativity, and resilience.
This webinar will offer a short overview of the techniques, knowledge, and communicative pathways towards the achievement of this complex challenge.
Bill Reed is an intercultural management trainer and consultant. He has been a director/partner of Canning and Managing Consultant of East Asia Business, now a consultant with Worldwork. Previously, Treasurer of SIETAR UK.
Seiji Nakano: Since leaving Japan at the age of 16 and living in several different countries, a world of new perspectives opened to Seiji and he immediately became fascinated by the fact that everyone had different opinions and values. Eventually, these differences began to make sense to him after he learned to understand the contexts behind them.
After obtaining a Master’s degree in Intercultural Communication, his curiosity pushed him to have some familiarity with actually working in his home culture. He became a Japanese salaryman to observe and analyze the deeply rooted distinctive culture. After four years of his experience in Japan, Seiji returned to the U.K. and has been working in the intercultural field.
He has worked internationally as an HR Manager, IT consultant, and intercultural trainer with a focus on seeking a better way to connect people, cultures, and technologies.
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