Sietar España Congress 28th – 29th September 2018

In Oude berichten by Friso

Intercultural Competence: A Key for Inclusive Organizations and Societies
The 1st SIETAR España Congress (28/09/2018 – 29/09/2018) will be an intersectoral conference, where professionals from different realms of society (business, academic, public administrations, NGOs…) will discuss the topic of inclusion. This Congress aims to become a platform to exchange innovative ideas and to debate different aspects of interculturality. We will also have a close look at how this interculturality permeates different fields, such as education, research, and civil and business organizations. After this Congress, one thing will become clear: the intercultural competence will stand out as one of the most decisive tools when ensuring inclusive organizations and societies in our modern world.
Inclusion is everyone’s responsibility!