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30 oktober 2019 - 2 november 2019   Hele dag

“From Adversity to Diversity: The Role of the Interculturalist” 

The world has become an ever more complex, and polarized place. The gap between opinions, perspectives, and facts has widened and become increasingly more confusing and challenging. As professionals in a range of fields, public and private, we are called upon to move others from increasing adversity to welcoming diversity. How do we envision the Role of the Interculturalist in the myriad challenges facing our societies today? When and how does the interculturalist have a place at the table?  We need a clear message—that articulates and embraces our similarities and differences to better engage, communicate, and cooperate with one another. Working and learning together, we can clarify our roles and share best practices that enhance our capacities to bring people together and foster greater workability for us all.
The 2019 Conference has three tracks as a focus for proposals as well as a general category.  As always, submissions are welcome for any one of the three pillars of SIETAR: Education, Training, or Research.

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