Best practices for organizing a General Assembly

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29 januari 2021   11:00 - 12:00

What are the best practices for organizing a General Assembly?
Almost all national Sietars have the obligation to run an annual General Assembly. Approving the budget and plans are key items of these meetings. How do you engage members to join your General Assembly and get to the quorum needed? Do you organize additional activities around the GA in order to make it more attractive? What are your experiences with running a GA online compared to a face-to-face session? These and all other relevant issues related to running a General Assembly will be addressed in the first meetup of the new year. 
Target audience: board members of National SIETARs. 
Registration: board and active members of national SIETARs can register through their SIETAR Europa representative. SIGs can sign up through the Community Development Committee. In the SEU Slack, we have a special channel or contact us at